A handyman is a worker who is either formally or informally skilled in one or more technical projects. By “formal and informal”, we mean that they could be formally taught or self-taught in the skill. These skills range from tiling, woodworking to electricals.

The handyman industry is basically quite informal, so you won’t find it as regulated as, let’s say, the locksmith industry. So it is hard to gauge one’s abilities and skills in a certain technical area against another. So one handyman can be very proficient in one skill and not so good in another, while another handyman can go the other around.

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Call a handyman to fix things around your house

For example, handyman A can be best to paint your walls in your town, but wouldn’t the best option to fix your shower. But handyman B would be very good at fixing your shower, toilet plumbing and even tile your bathroom floor but won’t be great at painting the adjoining room.

What a Handyman can and can not do

For you, the customer, it’s almost impossible for you to decide which handyman is the best for the project you want him to work on. That’s why you rely on the internet to get as much info on the handyman as possible. You also call and find out. But still, you may not be certain because most people won’t want to pass up the opportunity to make money.

You will have to deal with reputable handymen only. Those handymen that own a website and rely on reviews and repeat business for more business. They are the kind who wouldn’t want to do something to scar their reputation. Because they understand that their income tomorrow depends on the way they treat their (potential) customers today.

So what can a handyman do for you and what can’t they?

Cannot do

There are some projects that are really huge, require a permit, need to be done according to code or standard and/or require expert services. For example, you need to rewire your entire house. Those are the kind of projects for licensed contractors. Although some handymen are licensed in one skill or the other, certain projects could be best handled by a contractor.

Can do

What a handyman can do around your house is seemingly endless. It could range from changing the wood on your porch to retiling your bathroom floor and walls. Whatever the project, odds are if you want to maintain a safe and good-looking home, you will call a handyman at least once a year.

Plumbing – a handyman can help with your internal plumbing.

Painting – when you need a fresh coat of paint on your wall, you call a handyman.

Woodworking – basically, anything that could be sawed, nailed and put together with wood can be done by a handyman. This could be repairing your decks and porches, fixing new doors and changing floorboards.

Caulking – a handyman can apply fresh caulk to doors, siding, and windows.

Tiling – many handymen can tile floors and walls.

Extra jobs – home maintenance, changing light fixtures, fixing door hinges, home repairs, replacing appliances, etc, call a handyman.